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What is Led Aluminum Profile

What is Led Aluminum Profile

(Summary description)Led aluminum profiles are also known as led extrusions, led aluminum channels. They are extruded lighting fixtures for led strips with different shapes and sizes.

What is Led Aluminum Profile

(Summary description)Led aluminum profiles are also known as led extrusions, led aluminum channels. They are extruded lighting fixtures for led strips with different shapes and sizes.


Led aluminum profiles are also known as led extrusions, led aluminum channels. They are extruded lighting fixtures for led strips with different shapes and sizes. Led aluminum profiles are widely used in led lighting field when they are assembled with led strips and other accessories. We could find they are used in a small cabinet as well as led linear lighting in large space like home applications, office lighting, supermarkets, shopping malls and hotels.

But how much do you know about led aluminum profiles?

This article aims to give you some of the basics of led aluminum profiles and helps you to choose high quality led aluminum profile products from China.  


1. Led aluminum profile = Aluminum extrusion + diffuser.

Aluminum extrusion and diffuser are two very important parts of led aluminum profiles. (Other small accessories like end caps are also parts of led aluminum profile) But these two main parts determine the quality of led profiles. So when we talk about the quality of led aluminum profile, it’s mainly concerned about aluminum extrusion and plastic diffuser.


1.1 Aluminum extrusions are made of 6063 T5.

Aluminum profiles are made from aluminum alloy, it’s 6063 T5. But there are other aluminum alloy besides 6063, such us 1050, 6463, 6060, 6005,6106, 6061, 6082, 6351 series aluminum alloy. Different aluminum alloys have different physical characters. But 6063 T5 is the best material for making led aluminum profile. 6063 T5 aluminum alloy is aircraft aluminum series, it is not harder than 6061 aluminum alloy but easily to be extruded and form different shapes.


1.2 Diffuser are made of acrylic or Polycarbonate(PC)

Diffusers are made of acrylic or Polycarbonate, but due to the fragile characteristics of acrylic, Polycarbonate diffusers are widely used in linear lighting field. There are clear, semi-clear, opal PC diffusers for choices. The clear diffuser is transparent and allows the light to pass through without deducing the brightness. Semi-clear diffuser is also called frosted, it reduces the brightness a little and let about 90% light pass through. But if you don’t want to see the shining LED dots, but see only dotless lighting, choose opal diffuser. Opal diffuser is more popular in the market. led panel lighting in the office, linear lights in commercial places, their covers are opal. Because of its homogeneous lighting effect and LED dots are invisible.  


2. Colors of led aluminum profile


2.1 Anodizing.

There are two common ways of color treatment on the surface of aluminum profiles: anodizing and powder coating. Anodizing,  is using the principle of electrolysis in metal surface to form a thick and dense layer by placing aluminum extrusion in the electrolyte solution. This is how silvery color forms. So silvery is also called anodized silvery. Also, there could be anodized black or other colors, but the price of anodized black is a little expensive than that silvery. From our pictures you can see the aluminum oxidation pond in the aluminum factory, and also the powder coating equipment.


2.2 Powder coating.

With powder coating technical many colors can be available. The most common colors we do for led aluminum profiles are white and black. Powder coating is using colored powder, with the help of accelerating wind from the spraying gun, the powder particles will carry positive charge when they are ejected from the spraying gun. When the powder particles contact with the aluminum extrusions which carry negative charge, electrostatic adsorption generates. And after high temperature curing, the color is formed.


3. The length of led aluminum profile

Length could never be a problem for us to make led aluminum profiles. 1meter, 2meter, 2.5meter, 3 meter are very common length for customer choices. There are even custom lengths such as 3.7meter, 4.5meter, 5meter, or 6 meter per piece. To make your customized length led profile there will be requested MOQ upon the size and weight of led aluminum profile.


4. The width of led aluminum profile

When we say the size of led aluminum profile, we refers to width and height of it under most conditions, because length of the led profile is not a big deal. The inner width of led aluminum profile can be from 5mm to 100mm or even more. Different widths led profiles are suit for different PCB


5. Accessories

Besides two main part aluminum extrusion and diffuser, there are end caps, mounting clips, recessed buckles, suspended fittings etc for led aluminum profiles. For slim aluminum profiles the end caps are often made of ABS, but for big led profiles, the end caps are made of metal. People like metal end cap because it feels textured , also when it’s assembled with led profile will give perfect visual effect.  


6. Classification 

There are hundreds of led aluminum profiles in the market. For a beginner he may totally lost himself in front of many led profiles. So In the following, we will make a general classification upon its use function to help you understand led aluminum profile well.


Surface mounted led aluminum profile


recessed led aluminum profile


Corner led aluminum profile


Suspended led aluminum profile


Led tube profile 


Plater- in led alumnum profile

Stair nosing led aluminum profile


Lens led aluminum profile


PMMA solid bar led aluminum profile


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