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Top ten considerations before buying led aluminum profiles

Top ten considerations before buying led aluminum profiles

(Summary description)Top considerations help you to buy quality led aluminum profile from China factory.

Top ten considerations before buying led aluminum profiles

(Summary description)Top considerations help you to buy quality led aluminum profile from China factory.


1. the inner width of led aluminum profile

Led aluminum profiles probably come out in the year of 2006 by KLUS DESIGN, they come after led strips. At the very beginning, the design of led aluminum profiles are a few types of slim ones that for a few types of led strips, such as 8mm, 10mm, 12mm. After improvement, their inner size become wider, such us 20mm, 30mm, and even up to100mm. But due to the real lighting project, the width of led aluminum profile is more than 100mm now. Be always sure that the inner base of led aluminum profile is wider than the width led strips so that the led strip can be installed smoothly into the profile.


2. The depth of led aluminum profile

The depth of led aluminum can be limited by the space where it will be installed. For example, a 20mm depth groove must be applied with led profile of 18-20mm depth, any led profile that deeper than 20mm is not suitable. A shallow depth with slim width led profile would always fit for a small area, but a deeper size led profile would be applied to a wall or ceiling. From our cases, we produced many wide and deep led profiles that are for ceiling use. Such as 54x70mm, 100x75mm, 75x75mm etc.

3. The length of led aluminum profile

There are some common lengths such as 1meter, 2meter, 2.5meter, and 3 meters in the market. Before choosing your profile length, you should make it clear which shipping way you like to ship your led aluminum profile. Air shipment or sea transportation. If you choose air shipment, you’d better choose length within 3meter in case of extra shipping cost. But if you choose economical transportation of sea, length will be a free choice. You can ask your supplier to make any customized length that is available for container loading.


4.Shapes of led aluminum profile

Most of led aluminum profiles are U shape channels, U shape led aluminum profiles are used widely. But there are also V shape channels, circular, wave shapes. Different shape led aluminum profiles are available for different installations. Which shapes of led profile are the best choice, ask yourself where you want to install the led profile and what lighting effect you want to achieve. The more clear you know about the lighting project, the better you will make the choice.


5. Covers of led aluminum profile

The covers of led aluminum profile provide defense against dust, humidity, and UV radiation for led strip lights inside the aluminum profile. The covers also work as diffuser or lenses for led strips. The covers can be clear, frosted, or milky. Each type of cover generates different illuminations. The clear cover is transparent and let the light to pass through without reducing the brightness. The frosted cover is semi-clear, it reduces the brightness a little. But its main role is to achieve homogeneous light and avoid glare. With milky cover, it can achieve dots-free lighting, that is when the led strip light inside the aluminum profile is turned on, you can’t see the LEDs. We have the above three colors of plastic covers for customers to make choice.


6. Accessories of led aluminum profile

End caps and brackets are small accessories of led aluminum profiles. The material of small end caps is ABS or PC, the surface of its often processed with wet oil painting to match the color of led aluminum profile. For bigger size end caps, it’s often made by metal, like aluminum alloy or other metals. These bigger size end caps are designed without holes on the surface, but only one hole on top of it to be fixed with led aluminum profile by machine-processed rice screws. Our big size metal end caps are very welcomed by the market. For metal end caps always be textured, it’s fire resistant and safe than that plastic end caps. The most important point is that there is no light leakage from this metal end cap.



7. Colors of led aluminum profile

Anodized silvery, painted white, and black is three basic colors for led aluminum profile. The black color also can be achieved by anodizing, but the cost of anodized black is a little expensive than painted black. Three colors seem too less for the real operating condition. There is always a project that requires special colors. Such as dark brown, golden, blue, etc. Be always remember color is not difficult to achieve, but the quantity and cost will be the first thing to consider.


8. Quality

The best aluminum alloy for making led aluminum profile is 6063 T5, besides this , the anodized layer of an aluminum profile should reach 8-13 micrometer, and the painted layer should reach 60-80 micrometer. The thicker layer, the better the corrosion resistance.

For the cover part, the thickness of covers we often make is 1.2mm for slim ones and 1.4mm for big size ones.

The raw material for covers we choose high-quality Panlite and other brand materials.


9. Design

Do you have any ideas about the led profile design? If you have some knowledge about led profile structural design, you will choose the simple structure design but with good quality led profile from the market. For example, led aluminum profile with a movable middle plate is a better design than that unmovable one. With a movable middle part, we can put the led driver into led profile very easily.   



How much do you know about led aluminum profile suppliers in China?

Do they have an aluminum factory or a plastic extrusion factory? Asking for a factory tour, you will find out this.

Avoid purchasing from a middleman or trading company, working directly with the true supplier will save you a lot of money and time.



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