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We keep working in design and production of high quality products for almost 10 years, and we still put that in an effort. Dozens of our led profiles are patent products, and our products are certificated with CE and RoHS, all the products are produced under the standards of CE and RoHS.

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ABOUT US TANGOO LED is a top leading led aluminum profile manufacturer and designer, founded in 2011. We have factory and design department in Guangdong, China.We mainly focus on designing and producing high quality led aluminum profiles. With 200 types of different led aluminum profiles, and still continue to design new products every year. All of our led profiles are produced under strict standards with good materials. Each finished piece of products will be inspected and well packed to ensure the delivery of high quality product to our customers.Customer's satisfaction is our goal and we will work hard to solve any problems requested by our valued customers. Read More >>
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