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Chooose your Custom LED Aluminum Profile With Full Options

Get custom led aluminum profile that match your exact needs from TANGOO-one of the leading custom led aluminum profile manufacturers in China. From simple to

complex led profile designs, our skilled designer can answer your needs at afforable prices. We allow you to customize the following features:


The shape customer will use for the lighting project depends on the application. We can produce custom made led profile in any shapes,U shapes, V shapes.


Custom led profile allows any size from 5mm to 100mm or even 200mm width. The size of led profile depends on the actural lighting project.  


The standard lengths of led profile in the market are 2meter, 2.5meter, 3meter. But a custom made led profile is not limited to length. It can be 3.5meter, 5meter, or 6meter as you prefer. 


Custom led profile allows more colors choice besides the common three colors(silvery,white and black. Custom color can be golden, bule, brown,these special color can be achievd by anodizing or powder painting.

Customized led aluminum profile manufactured by TANGOO


 custom led aluminum profile used in different applications


 led profile for shelf

We provide a variety of led profiles that are for shelf lighting. They are installed in the small place of chain stores shelves to make the commodity more attractive.


 led profile for kitchen

Led profile can be used in the cabinet where it’s dark place, or under cabinet where the ceiling light could not reach. It’s a small piece of led profile light but a helpful kitchen assistant. 


 led profile for house

Besides kitchen, led profile can be used in the bedroom, living room, a study. You decide where and how they can be installed with your imagination. With suspension, pendant, or surface mounting, you can create a stylish but pleasant living place.


  led profile for supermaket

Supermarket is a big place, led linear lighting is the best choice, because its length is free. It can be installed with very long piece of led profile light or shorter pieces led profile light . It all depends on the actual situation.  


  led profile for hotel

As the popularity of led profiles many hotels adopt led profile when they decorating. In the hotel lobby, the hotel room, hotel bathroom, led profile makes the decoration simple but uniform. 


 led profile for office 

The shape of led profile can be wave, circle besides line shape.  led profile light not only give enough illumination but also make the busy working place efficient. 

How to order custom led aluminum profile at Tangoo?

You should know clearly about your led lighting project and figure the following questions. What the quantity of led aluminum profile does it need? Which colors will apply to it? And what kind of profile does your project need? Recessed, surface mounted or suspended ones. The better you know your project,  the better effect you will get.

Send your 3D drawings of led aluminum profile to us and talk with us. We will check and provide suggestions on technical specifications. If there is no designer in your company, you can give us a general idea of your product, we can figure it out to the right solution for your project. And also we will quote you the price by this step.

After finalizing your options, it’s time to place your order along with your request. We will send you the details of your order, including technical specifications and prices. 

We will start mass product after you confirmed everything about your custom led aluminum profiles. We perform strict quality control during the whole manufacturing process so that we can assure that you will receive high quality led aluminum profiles. 

Can't find the right led aluminum profile for your lighting project? 

Send a request to us, we will help you to solve this problem. With years of experience in the design and manufacture of customized led aluminum profile, Tangoo can produce top-quality led aluminum profile for your lighting project. 

ABOUT US TANGOO LED is a top leading led aluminum profile manufacturer and designer, founded in 2011. We have factory and design department in Guangdong, China.We mainly focus on designing and producing high quality led aluminum profiles. With 200 types of different led aluminum profiles, and still continue to design new products every year. All of our led profiles are produced under strict standards with good materials. Each finished piece of products will be inspected and well packed to ensure the delivery of high quality product to our customers.Customer's satisfaction is our goal and we will work hard to solve any problems requested by our valued customers. Read More >>
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